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"Get in KNOCKOUT Shape While Learning The Most Formidable Martial Arts in the World"

Experience The Thrill of Mixed Martial Arts Training

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Welcome to King of the Ring Martial Arts. My name is Marc Lee. I started this service over 10 years ago to offer fitness and martial arts enthusiast from all walks of life an all-in-one effective, fun-filled solution to lose body fat, build muscle, get fit while learning self-defense by training in the most formidable fighting systems in the world. 

For more than 30 years I’ve been on a mission to seek out and master the world’s most effective martial arts and to develop teaching methods that make it easy for people from all walks of life to learn, progress and accomplish their goals faster than they ever imagined. The curriculum is presented in a format that makes it easy for the average individual to learn and advance quickly with no prior experience required & regardless of age, size, strength, fitness level or athletic ability.

This could be the most fun you will have learning a serious martial art. Training is enjoyable and yet contains the best and most practical methods for self-defense. The training is designed to be safe yet realistic. 

I invite you to embark on a pilgrimage of personal growth and achievement.

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"Marc’s professionalism, extensive martial art knowledge, insights, advice, and enthusiastic commitment to his art, provides the perfect scenario for success whatever your goals are..."

David & Kay Stokes

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