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For many years in my life I prayed to God for a change. Something that would make me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Something that would make me see that I can live a different lifestyle. A lifestyle where I can be with my children all the time. To be able to enjoy the best gift which is to be a full time mother. I wanted a new beginning of a journey filled with love, hope, optimism and faith.

One day of unplanned surprise, you arrived. An angel dressed in a hand who handed me the command offering me a change, offering me everything I wanted as if God listened to my prayers and wishes.


When dreams are constantly broken or when we need so much more on occasions, we cut the wings off our dreams. Limiting them to stay in the back of our mind and see them as something far and almost impossible to achieve. But you taught me to dream and dream big. Helping me to change my form by thinking about my present and my future. You taught me to change my daily routine starting from meditation and giving thanks to God for everything I have. Designing my affirmations with conviction and faith. Changing my nutrition and taking care of my temple, my body by various forms of training .You taught me about the day trading working from home which gives me financial security and freedom to dedicate quality time and love to my children.


You are a wonderful human being Marc. Your words give me courage, strength, comfort. Whoever listens to you believes you because you are sincere. You speak with your heart with love and respect. You have such a special and genuine way of giving advice that people choose to listen to you because they feel a connection to your words and what their souls want and they decide to be guided by you.

Helping other people is an art. And you are a teacher in that art.


You have changed my life with all your dedication and love for me. I am eternally grateful to God for giving me such a precious gift of your generous loving soul that you would come into my life and I would welcome the opportunity to listen and follow you.

You and your children are in my prayers. There is not enough gifts, gestures or good wishes for what you have done for me. I look to heaven and ask God to send you all the blessings, peace, harmony and all the things you want in this life. May he cover your home with his cloak of mercy so that you and your children are always under his divine protection.

Infinitas Gracias Mi Amor. Te Amo Mi Alma Gemela Eternas


Julie Oliver

I have been training with Marc for three and a half years now, and the change in me is huge. I used to be unconfident around men, but with the self-defense training, I have gained huge confidence in my ability to communicate well with others, including men. People have commented on the change in me.


For those with trauma in their past, this kind of training is very therapeutic and empowering. It has helped with my hand/eye coordination, and even my ability to operate under stress. It has also helped me with situations that previously would have been triggering due to my trauma. 


Marc is a very understanding and patient teacher, and we have often had some good talks, especially if something is bothering me. I have enjoyed learning these skills, and prefer it over going to the gym. I have some physical limitations, and Marc has been great in working around those limitations with me. He has always been positive in encouraging me in everything I do, and advising me wisely.


I recommend this training to all women, particularly those with abuse in their past, it will serve you well.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Sen Chung Kong

From the very beginning you’ll know that training with Marc is different. It’s special, and unlike anything and anyone else. I have been to many gyms and trainers and had thought that I had been saturated into the world of martial arts. I discovered that this was not the case and am finding that with Marc, I am more and more compelled to learn, train, develop, and hone fighting skills. It is not the fact of being able to fight that is compelling. Instead, it is the intensity of commitment, perseverance, and dedication involved that makes the training great.

Marc's training will humble anyone; regardless of your experience, he will build you up from the basic fundamentals. From that, you will realize what proper form, technique, and speed really are. I will tell you now that it will hurt, you will sweat, and develop muscle groups that you never knew existed. You will also realize how important the training is in developing complete functionality to be physically fit. This extends beyond merely looking good, but feeling good, and more energetic in everyday functions.

Every training day is exciting and different. Particular attention is spent tailoring specific programs to individuals, their sports, goals, and current physical ability and it is amazing to witness the rate of development evident from all walks of life. So far, I have had a specific program made to get me leaner, faster, and with more compound exercises. These are extremely different from my normal bodybuilding muscle group splits. I’m using more muscles simultaneously and it’s working a treat towards a leaner, more aesthetic build. I also discuss nutritional plans and he is unbelievably helpful. You name what your after, and he’ll know how to take you there. Quite literally, he is a manifestation of fitness and health knowledge, a walking Wikipedia to help with your training needs.

Too often you will find trainers that although effective, their underlying motivation is to operate as a business. You wont get this with Marc. One word that comes to mind is “genuine” and if you meet him, you will know it for yourself. He will drive to sub consciously make conscientious decisions and better lifestyle choices on your own terms. Your motivation levels will peak as a result and you can’t place a value on that. I can’t forget to mention his 1 on 1 training… wow… he is so technically sound that he will nit pick every flaw in your technical ability. Again you will be humbled, and you will relearn (for the better) proper form regardless of your experience. I will warn you that you will get faster, sharper, and stronger. 

It is my honest opinion that Marc Lee should be the point of reference for your martial arts, fitness, and health needs. I would also recommend him for veteran athletes that want to go that extra mile to achieve higher in their chosen sport. I’ve personally never considered any form of competition in any of the sports I partake in, but I feel a deepened sense of trust in Marc. You want this guy ringside in all your training ventures as a coach, guide, and mentor for any sport if you want to accelerate your gains. No frills, no shortcuts, just the essential training that you need (and didn’t know existed) to be great, to be awesome, and feel invincible.

Mixed Martial Arts Phase

David & Kay Stokes

My wife & I have been on a martial art training journey with Marc for the last two & half years and still going strong. Marc Lee is a truly excellent trainer. He is skilled, thoughtful, sensible a pleasure to work with and talk to. He knows just how and when to encourage and when to push.

We have done many types of sports & training activities from football, squash, triathlons and personal training and Marc’s workouts are one of the best you’ll experience. Whatever your goal may be, if you’re looking to lose weight or get in the best shape of your life then look no further.

Because of Marc’s methods we have become stronger, fitter, toughened up mentally and have cut some weight. Besides keeping fit we've learned self-defence skills, and are nailing down all sorts of martial techniques and continue to make progress. Marc’s professionalism, extensive martial art knowledge, insights, advice, and enthusiastic commitment to his art, provides the perfect scenario for success whatever your goals are.

Marc and his students are positive people who are passionate about making a change towards a healthier lifestyle. If you are a person who needs a push or a supportive trainer, then this is the place for you.

Whether you’re a total beginner or you are looking to improve your martial art and regardless of gender, size, age, and/or fitness level, Marc can cater for you. All you have to do is be open to learning and have fun while you’re training.

Fitness and fat loss

Malcolm Hart

I have known Marc for several years, attended his training sessions, followed his diet & exercise program and listened to his advice.

At 44, the results were amazing, I lost weight, increased strength, gained vitality and fixed a skin allergy.

Other people said I looked healthy & glowing, but the biggest bonus was being able to keep up with my 3 children. 

They would often join me in my home training sessions and Marc encouraged this with some child-friendly exercise tips.

He is very knowledgeable in his of area of expertise and I usually leave with some nugget of wisdom that I can carry into my week.

It is a privilege to be under Marc’s tutorage, he brings out the best in people and inspires you to go beyond your limits.

As a personal trainer, I feel like I struck gold when I met him. He will ask you to work hard but do it in a way that reveals your inner strength.

Marc is strong and calm and transfers a confidence and belief in yourself. If you want to achieve some personal goals, he is the the best personal trainer for you. 

Rototuna Junior High School MMA Classes

Mel Moore


Marc has been running Mixed Martial Arts classes for 3 years at Rototuna Junior High School - each week for 100 minutes. 

His students have thrived under his high expectations for commitment to the class and their own personal well-being. The class has challenged student’s physical fitness, coordination, mental acuity and grit.

Marc has been a consummate professional in his dealings with our students. We love having him in our school and look forward to continuing the partnership in the future.

From Student Noah Hoeft

Mixed martial arts is a very fun and interesting class to take,  a fun combination of building fitness and strength with learning respect for others.

My Sifu (Marc Lee) has taught me different ways to defend myself starting from a simple attack to an extreme situation, and this in turn has built more confidence in my abilities. He has shown me that nothing is too great for our minds to conquer, whether it’s pain or extreme stress. I have also been taught never to be late to a class, to always pay attention and to never quit. 

This was a truly amazing class that I had the privilege to take for 3 school terms. In the beginning when I first started the class I was a newbie like everyone else, and I did my very best to excel in the class. Now that I am taking it again, I have taken this chance to improve my old techniques and give advice to others on how they could improve. I have also learnt some new moves and in turn Sifu Marc has given me ways to improve myself on both the old moves and the new ones. 

Glenda Bell

I started attending sessions with Marc in 2011 and quickly realised his workouts were very intense and his “conditioning” at the end inevitably left my legs feeling like jelly.  On discussion with others I was glad to hear I wasn’t the only one to suffer after doing “bunny hops” down the drive.

The different forms of self-defence has given me confidence especially when out jogging and walking in poorly lit streets as well as teaching me to be aware of my surroundings.  Marc is always very patient with me when I don’t quite get it right.

My agility has improved tremendously whereby I overcame a severe fear of heights by climbing up Paritutu Rock in New Plymouth on a windy day.  Also tramping up one of the Pirongia tracks has now become an absolute breeze where before it would take considerable time to climb down all the rocky parts.


I have passed on many of Marc’s lifestyle messages to my two sisters, in particular, “speak the truth for the truth will set you free”.

I always recommend Marc to others when they ask what exercise do I do and are surprised at my age (62) that I enjoy kickboxing on average once a week.  I tell them apart from the intense work outs, strength and conditioning and a great de-stress he gives wonderful nutrition and lifestyle advice.  I miss my sessions when I can’t attend that’s for sure.

Katie Williams


During my years at uni I put on weight with the stress, long hours, eating on-the-go and lack of physical activity. I didn't feel good about myself and realised something needed to change. My husband and I started to alter our lifestyle by joining a gym but found it hard to find the time to go as it would be for an hour or more at a time. We were going early in the morning but ended up resenting it as we needed our sleep. Personally I found it slightly intimidating with all the regular gym bunnies in their pro gear and hardly breaking a sweat. I lacked motivation to push myself and didn't get the desired results so gradually went less and less often. 

It was around this point that my husband started PT sessions with Marc at KOTR. He had been going for about a year and was seeing great results. With our wedding approaching I decided to jump on the band wagon and start training also. This solved most of the reservations I had around exercise - it's less intimidating being one-on-one, enjoyable so you stick with it and the quick, high intensity workouts make you see progress fast. The other great thing of course is that you learn a variety of martial arts - building strength and confidence whilst gaining self-defense skills. I started at 99kgs, 39% body fat and over a year have dropped to 86kgs, gained muscle and reduced my body fat to 27%. Better yet, I have kept it off and am more conscious about what I eat.

Fat Loss Before Photo
Fat Loss Before Photo 2
Fat Loss After Photo
Fat Loss After Photo 2
Muay Thai Kick Boxing Fat Loss

Shaun Benefield


When I first went to see Marc, I was your typical Kiwi guy. I'd played a lot of rugby in my younger days & was slowly putting on more and more weight. I thought because I was big, I was strong. At least that's what I thought. 

Marc had me working hard from the first visit, training was hard, but fun. I soon realised that I wasn't strong or skilled, although Marc didn't make me feel inadequate. It wasn't long before I had signed up on the Warrior Training and Nutrition Program. In no time I had lost over 10kgs, had lots of energy and was looking & feeling better than I had in a long time. 

Fast forward 3 years and I've signed up for my first kick boxing fight, I would never have considered doing this without Marc's input. While I also train at another fight gym, I regularly visit Marc to tap into his vast knowledge of combat sports and strength & condition knowledge. I can't recommend Marc highly enough.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts


I have been training with Marc for over 7yrs and still going strong. His system has taught me body weight functionality, striking, defence and weapons second to none. Marc has also been an excellent life and business coach. Thanks Marc.

Jeet Kune Do Hamilton

Phee Wei Cheng

When I first started my martial arts journey, I knew it was the right choice to train with Marc. 

Marc has been a long-time family friend of my uncle, whom really respected Marc. Not only did I learn to push myself pass my limit, I learnt to control my emotions and truly begin to bring a change in attitude towards life. 

I have now been training with Marc for approximately 8 months now. In this time period, I have already noticed a huge change in my physique, stamina but most importantly, spiritual well-being. 

Whilst during the training sessions, not only does he give me good advice, he always reminds me to keep calm and relate every aspect of martial arts to its origins. 

I believe, anyone can be a trainer, but without passion, the true art is lost; this is definitely not the case with Marc. His passion for the martial arts can be seen through his training sessions and his time teaching you the techniques. 

One of my fondest moments training with Marc was when he tells me about his own martial arts journey. From this, I can tell that he isn’t just some knucklehead trainer who teaches you to fight in competitions. But rather, a trainer whom teaches you the way of the arts in order to protect your loved ones from immediate danger. 

One of the greatest teachings of Marc is that, “What you will learn and attain throughout your training will become your own personal gun that no one can see. When someone messes with you, to use or not to use the gun totally depends on you. But, it is always best to walk away without hurting anyone.” 

In conjunction with his strength & conditioning programme and customized nutrition plan, I am proud to call him my trainer. 

Arno Van Niekerk

All my life I was the fat kid. It started way back in my early years of primary school when television and Playstation replaced outdoor activities and sport. It never really bothered me too much as I was content with everything else in life. However, bad habits soon became a bad lifestyle and before I knew it, I was 21 years old and weighed in excess of 130kgs. I was so used to being fat all my life that I had no desire to change. Being a big fan of Martial Arts I always admired great physiques such as the likes of Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude van Damme. I always wanted to gain a physique just like theirs but did very little to do so. 

It wasn't until the spring of 2010 when I woke up one morning and stared at myself in the mirror for 5 minutes - in disgust. That's when I decided to transform. I knew no matter what happens, no matter how hard it gets I will become healthier, faster and more aesthetic than ever. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and that was my first step. I started training with very little knowledge of proper nutrition. By just getting off the couch I started noticing changes in my body and my health within weeks. I instantly got hooked on the fitness lifestyle. 

My formula for achieving greatness is will power + determination + good guidance = success. I had the will power, I had the determination, but it was the guidance that I lacked. That is, until I met Marc. 

I was referred to Marc by a good friend and fellow fitness enthusiast who firmly believed in his training principles and methodologies. After a short conversation with Marc it was clear to me that he was unlike any other personal trainer I have consulted before. He firmly believes in the principles that he teaches and how it leads to a better, healthier lifestyle that anyone can maintain and abide by. 

The great thing about training with Marc is his ability to make things simple. It's always a challenge to eat properly and according to your goals, but with Marc there wasn't any of that. He simply outlined my eating schedule and all I had to do was abide by it. Within days I started noticing changes to my physique that I have never thought was possible. Not just did I manage to become much leaner but I also became more muscular. Something I was never able to do before. The number one thing that I most enjoyed about Marc's nutrition program? Ease. It was so much easier than any other nutrition program I have ever had to follow before. No longer did I have to spend hours in the kitchen every night to prepare 8 meals for the next day. Meal preparation was much simpler and meal timing made sense. It fits in to my busy lifestyle as opposed to getting in the way of it. 

My time spent in the gym changed a lot too. I was no longer over-training and burning out my nervous system. My training made sense and I had fun doing it. Also, by making my workouts optimally efficient, I no longer wasted precious time in the gym that would accomplish me nothing. Instead I had more time to spend with family and to relax. 

Thanks Marc for your guidance, kindness and for significantly helping me on my journey to reaching aesthetic greatness and good health. You have forever changed the way I look at my body and fitness.

Fat loss, muscle gain, nutrition
Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Fat Loss, Fitness

Ange Waru

My name is Ange Waru, I am 27 years old of Maori descent and a parent of one.

I found out about ‘King of the Ring’ through a good friend and who was also training under Marc. From my first visit, and I know this may sound a little cliché, but Marc was the type of teacher I knew I needed to help me get what I thought I wanted. Usually it’s the basics, the goal is to get fit, lose weight and look good. Initially I sought after Marc because I was trialing out for the NZ Sevens team in July 2012. There was three weeks to go before the trials and I thought that would be plenty of time to get prepared. Boy was I wrong! But also relieved, as I would not have lasted through the second heat like I did without the cardio. One thing with Marc, you tell him what you want and he will give you the tools you need to get there. The rest is up to you. 

I have so many instances where Marc’s advice and guidance has helped me to bust down old mindsets and strive to persevere for what is right. It’s funny that, because if you are real with yourself you already know the answers, but it is pride, habits and doubt that hinder you from being where you need to be. You see, not only do you receive the practical side of training with Marc, but if you are willing and totally open to the fact of positive change, you receive the wisdom and knowledge of someone who has the integrity to impart these principles in your life. Whether you like it or not, to reach any goal in mind, it has to be a lifestyle change. Who you are and how you are, whether at home, work as a parent and as a good mate, consistency is consistency and in the right direction, your direction is the key.

I train twice a week with Marc and I have been the contributor to my own victories and losses. My journey with Marc has really been the outcome of my own decisions. It’s become a bit of a joke with us every time I turn up for training with, “Welcome back Ange. Good to have you back.” Because if you haven’t worked it out already there have been many instances where I have had to cancel training times due to poor management skills regarding work times, my daughter, really just ill prepared. Generally I wouldn’t care with anyone else, but because Marc is always positive and shows a genuine interest in your personal growth, to let the man down at times weighs heavily.

I am an example of someone that needs to be challenged and basically have proof of anything anyone says or does. ‘King of the Ring’ ticks all the boxes for me. I am someone that tends to think a lot and look at all paths and consequences, basically just spend too much time upstairs and not enough action. Whenever I come away from training I walk away with a real peace of mind (which is bliss and difficult to achieve) and determination to clean up my bad habits. One thing Marc is clever at is working out who he is working with. I was a smoker of seven years and wasn’t planning on stopping. But like I said, once you train with Marc, in order to meet the demands and see real changes take place, you can’t afford to carry on with something that is going to hold you back. Whether you like it or not, to move forward requires sacrifice. Every training Marc would ask, “How’s the smoking going?” Most times he wouldn’t have to ask because it would be evident in the first five minutes of my warm up. The one line that changed that all for me was, “Your goal isn’t strong enough.” That was it, my pride was instantly challenged. I couldn’t let that one go, and for the next 10 months on – smoke free.

Most of the time the problems we face we make bigger in our heads and that is the playground that determines my success or demise. Positive influences as basic as it sounds, is what you need to surround yourself in when you want to change. Another tool I refer to quite often to assist me in my lifestyle change is this line from Marc, “Choose one thing, one goal to focus on and be good at that one thing.” Since doing that, because that one thing is generally what is holding you back, by focusing on that one, it tends to change and influence everything else.

I could talk about the intense 30 minute sessions I have with Marc, from the self-defense tactics to combat, to cardio right through to the healthy eating regime, but for me in order to excel and succeed in these practical things, it is what I feed my mind that gives me the passion to start the engine and get things running. This is where I have had real change and where I can speak from a place of integrity. Everybody has a past that we allow to dictate our present and it has taken me seven years to break down strongholds in my life. What has taken me seven years has taken me almost 12 months to start a new beginning.

I would like to thank Marc for his time and dedication towards my personal growth. It has only just started for me, and I am excited about what is to come. Whatever you want and however long you wish to see your goal/s achieved depends on you. If you are looking for a lifestyle change, then ‘King of the Ring,’ is for you. You will have a teacher, a realist and what I call a true mate working alongside you to help you achieve what you were purposed to do. 

Mixed Martial Arts, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain

Chris Goodard

I have been training with Marc for over a year and a half now. This has been a training experience like no other.

Marc has taught me so much in such a short time. The workouts are intense and challenging but you definitely leave with the satisfying felling that u have had a good workout.

I first began as your typical guy who had watched to much UFC and wanted to know how to fight. In training with Marc I feel much more confident in being able to defend myself and much more confident in myself as a person. 

Not only is Marc an outstanding trainer but he has also become a good life coach to me. In Marc I find a humble person who I fell I can discuss any problems which life tends to present at times and he will share his wisdom with me. 

This has changed my life for the better. Marc is the real deal man. I feel very privileged to be able to train with him. 

Deaf Women NZ & AU

Women's Self Defense Hamilton
Boxing, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Fat Loss, Nutrition

Roy Chou-Lee

Earlier this year I was training for my first fight, to ensure I was ready; I wanted to do extra work on top of my training to make sure I was physically and mentally prepared. At the time my wife Lisa was attending “Fighting Fit” classes with Marc Lee at First Place Fitness. She encouraged me to attend which was an awesome way to stay in shape. From there I organised a one-on-one session with Marc where we were able to focus on my personal goal of winning my fight. 

My training with Marc was great as he was able to customise my training to suit the style of fight plan that I had with my coach. 

I would recommend Marc’s training to anyone looking to get in shape; or for whatever reason. Marc knows how to push you to achieve your goals so get into it.

I am looking forward to my next fight...Cheers Marc ;)

“The only difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary the EXTRA”

Natasha Paula, Robert Maiava, Ryan Maiava


I started training with Marc 15 months ago. I have lost 25kgs since starting - was super unfit, but Marc always made me feel comfortable while still pushing me to do a bit better each time. The class is definitely an all over workout (a lot of punishment or conditioning as Marc would say). I am amazed at how my body shape has changed and my fitness has increased 10-fold. I love going and rarely miss a class, even booking one on one sessions through Christmas holidays. I love Marc's enthusiasm and the knowledge he shares with us about our training and workouts. So much that my partner Rob and 7 year old daughter Ryan now go to one on one sessions with him too. Thanks Marc. 


Lessons with marc have been one of the best things I've done hands down. Marc is a great teacher and if you are willing to learn something new like Muay Thai and wanting to get fit, Marc is the man to see. Marc is one who does not hold back if you are determined to achieve your goals whether it be to gain confidence, style, form or just to look good. Marc has an abundance of knowledge about martial arts and fitness. I can ask him anything and he would tell me with confidence if i'm doing it right or not - thats awesome! I also take my 7 year old daughter with me and it's awesome to see that she enjoys every minute. Marc has a great philosophy which makes me feel comfortable having him teach her as I would not have just anyone do this. Marc will turn what you know about martial arts and fitness inside out and push you so hard that you will want to come back for more!!! 

Thanks Uso! 


I love kickboxing because it makes me strong. It is fun because you do things like the rope exercises. It's really cool because I get to go with my dad and Marc is a really, really cool teacher.


Fat Loss, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Self Defens for Women

Evan Daley


I started training with Marc late 2010 and haven’t looked back; this is the real deal when it comes to fitness!

After a season of injury plagued Rugby, I stop training or working out and quickly put weight on and was standing at 6’2ish at around 120+kg's when I first started with Marc. 

Ever since my first training with him I knew it was my way back to fitness and coming from a martial arts back ground picked it up pretty fast! 

I started with one session a week to ease my body and old injuries back into it, and Marc was good enough to build a plan around my injuries, and all the ones I gave myself on the way (none from training with Marc!). Having this tailored training is what helps the most! No matter where you are with your fitness or weight Marc will make you feel comfortable about working out!

Every training with Marc is different and keeps you on point, just when I feel my fitness is getting better everything is made a lot more intense! This is what a lot of other methods are missing! And this is why I’ve stayed training with him! 

I now train three times and week with Marc and three times at home with the home workouts he’s written up for me and the results speak for them self. 15kgs gone and I have to say should be more! But my diet on my first years of training was my own! And it wasn’t great!

As soon as I got on Marc’s nutrition plan the weight dropped and still is!!! I’m 100% fitter, faster and healthier, also now have a pretty good knowledge of the arts and ALOT more confidence in myself and my ability to protect myself and the loved ones.

Marc is the sort of trainer and person you would want in your corner. Not only has he taught me a lot about fitness/nutrition but I’ve learnt a lot about myself and what I can achieve when pushed to the limit!

If you are reading this and are sick of that feeling in the morning! Get in touch with Marc! 

You’ll never look back!

Thanks Marc! 

See ya at training.

James Harper

Update: May 2012 - 18.5kg of total fat loss so far.

I have been training with Marc coming up a year now. Before we met I was training without a cause. Sure my goals were to get fit and look the part, but still struggled for direction. I knew what I wanted to achieve but yet how to get there was where I was lost.

I didn’t know what to expect for my first training session. I knew it would be challenging, but never really expected it to be THAT challenging! His training style is truly unique in all aspects. As soon as you feel you even have a chance of getting used to the intensity of his training regime, he ups the anti and makes things ten times as hard! (but don’t be scared). From his vast knowledge of martial arts to everything health, nutrition and fitness orientated, King of the ring personal training is truly you’re one stop shop for everything you need to reach any goal (and beyond). 

At the start of this year I weighed roughly 96kg at 20% body fat and now (September 2011) I am 89kg at 13.5% body fat and it is not over yet. Throughout my training I have become stronger, faster and fitter than I have ever been in my life to date. 

Marc has given me new views on the fitness game and has inspired a new passion for me, of the martial arts. Knowledge is power. I carry myself different these days knowing what I have learnt and the new found confidence I have gained. Shoulders back, walking tall and looking forward. Not staunch but yet a humble confidence. Knowing any challenge can be overcome with hard work. The journey never ends. 

Whilst reading the great Bruce Lee’s “Tao of Jeet Kune Do” I found this quote that best sums up the attitude Marc brings to every session and thus has inspired my attitude towards training and life’s obstacles.

"Experience shows that an athlete who forces himself to the limit can keep going as long as necessary. This means that ordinary effort will not tap or release the tremendous store of reserve power latent in the human body. Extraordinary effort, highly emotionalized conditions or a true determination to win at all costs will release this extra energy. Therefore, an athlete is actually as tired as he feels and, if he is determined to win, he can keep on almost indefinitely to achieve his objective".

Cheers Marc. 

Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain
Fat Loss, Muscle Gain

Scott O'Sullivan

I first met Marc close to 18 months ago when I attended a training session at First Place Fitness. I loved the workout even though I was struggling to keep up with the class as my fitness was only of average to below average at the time. 

I was following a body building work out style of training at the time but my training was irregular, and I often missed whole weeks of training because of work commitments.

After months of going nowhere with my fitness I eventually decided I wanted to get serious and find something to get me in shape and keep me there, while still being interesting and enjoyable enough to keep me motivated. I was considering joining a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club or similar at the time.

Once I went to a few more of Marc's classes though, I knew this was the one for me. Going to Marc's trainings twice a week was a huge kick start to my fitness and I soon found myself constantly looking forward to the next training session. I loved the fact that I could see results happening fast and that I was learning self defense and some fighting skills. 

Around ten weeks ago Marc got me onto a nutrition plan and weight training program. I have gone from 105kgs to 90kgs so far and I am stronger, fitter, faster and leaner than I have ever been and it's on just the beginning. 

This has been an amazing journey for me. Mentally I am stronger and 100% more positive about all aspects of my life. I hold my head up high, proud of what I have accomplished and hungry and excited for the next training and further results to come. 

Words can't describe how much better I feel day to day with higher energy levels and a fresh new outlook on life. 

I can honestly say I don't really get affected by stress anymore, and that the benefits of this style of training are very rewarding, and go a lot further than just physical, so much more than anything I've done before. 

I can't thank Marc enough for the tools and knowledge he has given me to become what I consider a better person. I love the fact that I now know that if someone attacked me or someone I care about, I could protect them, or at least have a lot better chance of coming out unhurt.

I'm not interested in fighting and will always try to avoid it, but I have a new found confidence in my own ability that you can't describe. I think the only way to know how good it feels is to experience it for yourself.

Marc's Training is amazing. He is a very genuine person who wants nothing but the best for his students, and his style of teaching makes it so much fun to learn that missing a training session is out of the question. He is very thorough and I find that the things I learn really stick like glue, and become almost like second nature and I am still relatively new to this.

I have always had an interest in martial arts and I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Marc and to have him share some of his knowledge with me.

I would highly recommend to anyone ditching the old workout plan and coming to train with Marc as I am seeing results, strength gains and so much more alot faster than I actually thought possible. 

And I'm definitely hooked on it, I never dread training anymore, or look for an excuse to skip a workout. I look forward to it daily and that can only be a good thing. 

Muay Thai Kick Boxing Fat Loss Muscle Gain
Muay Thai Kick Boxing Fat Loss Muscle Gain 2

Kane Simek

Marc's training have done wonders to my weight loss goals. I have lost a total of 14 kgs in my time training with him and I am now the fittest I have EVER felt. His methods and advice have been critical to my weight loss and I have new found confidence in myself and what I can do in the future.

His classes have an extremely fun and friendly atmosphere, and are always very challenging. Attending his classes has enabled me to change and have a different outlook on living a healthy lifestyle.

I would highly recommend Marc's training to anyone who is looking to lose weight or get fit.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing Fat Loss Muscle Gain
Muay Thai Kick Boxing Fat Loss Muscle Gain 2
Muay Thai Kick Boxing Strength & Conditioning

Kit Low

I started training with Marc in May last year. Before training with Marc I used to think I was in pretty good shape, but I was wrong. His training sessions were not like anything that I had experienced before. I found them challenging but also fun, informative and a good way to relieve stress and frustration. The martial arts techniques Marc teaches are very effective for defending yourself in the real world and improve your self confidence.

Since I started training with Marc I have seen improvements in my endurance, agility, muscle tone and functional muscle. These improvements have definitely improved my Rugby and Waka Ama. I enjoyed his trainings so much I also asked him to train my younger brothers. They also enjoy the training and are developing increased confidence and interest in a healthy lifestyle.

Marc is a talented and patient trainer. His training sessions are tailored for you so whether you are a beginner or looking for something different to take you to the next level, Marc can definitely help you.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing Fat Loss Muscle Gain

Sean Williams

When I first began with Marc late last year in 2010 I was incredibly unfit and out somewhat out of shape. Marc has created a path for me to follow which will allow me to get into what I consider to be the best shape of my life. 

The results I have already achieved are exciting. On January 16 2011, I weighed in at 106kg and 27.5% bodyfat. As of March 10th (just under 2 months), I am down to 97.5kg and 22.3% bodyfat. Marc has also given me great advice on my diet - which is equally as important as the exercise regimen.

Marc has made my exercise regimen fun and enjoyable and I have no intention of ever letting myself slip into an unfit state ever again. I feel so much sharper during the day and nothing in my work-life phases me now, and stress is virtually non-existent.

Thanks heaps Marc.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Ioane Rota

I found Marc's website and curiosity got the better of me. I booked in for a free trial session and haven’t stopped doing it since. The best thing about Marc's form of training is that not only are you burning calories, but you are also learning how to defend yourself on the street. No training is ever the same and just when you think things are getter easier it definitely gets a lot harder!!

Every time I have a one on one with Marc it’s always somewhat hard, but when time is up you learn to appreciate the hard work and effort that you put in. To the point where you end up saying to yourself "Wow did I just do all that!?"

It’s through Marc's training and nutrition programs, his patience and his genuine attitude to get your body to the next level is how you achieve your goals. 

Me and Marc started off together as strangers, as student and teacher and are now brothers. I seriously think that instead of wasting your time on the treadmill that you try Muay Thai!! 

Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Julian Phillips

Being a regular couch potato for the last few years, I decided that it was time I put A into G and get fit! A work colleague had been talking about his training in Muay Thai which sounded of interest. 

Most personal instructors I have experienced have either been flying on their own magic ‘ego’ carpet or in reality had very little knowledge of their respective discipline. Marc is the real-deal!! He is the consummate instructor, humble, genuine, friendly, talented, knowledgeable and very structured in how he progressively builds your ability and fitness. Most martial arts will improve your own abilities to greater or lesser extent. Having trained many years ago in other arts, I had always respected their art but realised their limited effectiveness in real-life situations. This has been a complete different experience, I just wished I had taken up this years ago!! 

I would urge anyone wanting to get fit and learn some ‘real-life’ self defence to give Marc a call! This is the most fun, progressive training and talented instructors you will ever come across, trust me!! 

Mixed Martial Arts MMA

Ryan Johnston

As most people do at some stage I hit a slump in my training.

Motivation was low and I was doing the “same old, same old” training I’ve always done, even some training I didn’t even enjoy (like running!) 

I started with Marc and immediately saw the benefits of having a personal trainer and doing this type of training.

I thought I worked hard when I trained by myself….I don’t! A good personal trainer like Marc pushes you beyond the point where you would normally give up, and that’s where your mind and body starts to really benefit.

The training sessions are fun, varied, progressive and I have learnt some awesome Muay Thai and self-defense skills, which in these days and times are a good thing to have. The confidence you get from knowing you could better handle certain situations if they arise is a powerful thing. And nothings better for the stress levels than kicking, punching, elbowing and kneeing pads!

I would and I do fully recommend training with Marc to anyone wanting results, wanting variation and fun in their training, or wanting to increase their confidence while learning some great skills.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing Mixed Martial Arts MMA

First Place Fitness Club

Marc has been running Muay Thai classes at First Place Fitness Club for a coupl of years now. They have become so popular with our members that we have had to add extra classes.

Marc handles all fitness levels, shapes and sizes in these classes, and the members absolutely love them! Many of our members have never done anything like this before, and are now raving about their increased fitness levels, fat loss and new self-defense skills. The other main feedback we get from our members in these classes is that they have heaps of fun!

We actively recruit as many of our members as we can for Marc's classes because we know they will get results and have fun. That makes our job of keeping our members on track working towards their goals a lot easier.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Rose McAuslin

For three months now I have been training with Marc as part of my regular training, and each session is entertaining, motivating, educational and hard work. I do my very best not to miss training because each time I leave a session, I feel better off with myself and what I have learnt. 

When I first started training, I didn’t expect to be helped in more ways than just the physical training side. Marc is full of advice about how to improve eating habits and ways to improve myself nutritionally, and my general well being. Having him train me is like having an addictive boost of support every week to help me reach my goals of weight-loss, skill and stamina that will hopefully lead me to do well in a ring for my first fight. He pushes me past what I thought were my limits, and even though sometimes during conditioning I want to try to use what I’ve learnt against him, I still continue to go to him knowing I'll get better :)

From week to week, no training is similar, and I have never been bored with a single training yet. The information he has is endless and I’m lucky enough to be able to learn from him. He is sociable, sincere and defiantly does not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach with me, and I can safely assume he personalizes programme for his other clients. 

The way that Marc trains and teaches allows for total understanding of the movements so that it can be applied correctly and effectively. He gives you honest, non-intimidating feedback about how you’re progressing so that you gain confidence in what you can do well and you know the areas in which you need to improve on. The one-on-one training that I get with Marc is worth every dollar and I would hate to lose him as a trainer. 

Kid's Muay Thai Kick Boxing
Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Billy Goodwin

To Whom It May Concern,

I stumbled across Marc Lee's "King of the Ring" website in November 2009 and my son has not looked back since. I arranged a trial session at which I found Marc to be friendly, honest and very approachable. My wife and I later talked to our shy 6 1/2 yr old who had enjoyed the session and liked Marc, so he started weekly training.

Marc is great with kids. He converses with kids with a non-condescending approach while giving encouragement and praise for effort and willingness to learn. His ability to motivate my son to challenge himself has seen a rapid advancement in his coordination and fitness.

Marc keeps the sessions fun while making constant progress. My son has acquired skills he is quietly proud of which has increased his self confidence - all in 6 months. Previous to meeting Marc, our son attended a large martial arts class - where individual attention was lacking. In over a year we saw minimal improvement.

I appreciate how Marc makes a point to ensure I have understood new techniques, while still centering the entire session on our son. Our son now trains at home 3 times a week without pressure; he genuinely gets gets excited about his training sessions. It has given me the inspiration to train alongside my son at home, who often corrects my techniques when fooling around with the punch bag!

With our encouragement, we hope our son will continue to train with Marc to help instil the self discipline, strength and spirit needed to face life's challenges while maintaining the qualities of politeness and respect displayed by Marc.

We would highly recommend Marc to anyone who thinks their child might benefit from martial arts as we think he's a great trainer and role model for our son.

Michael Johnson

I have been doing Muay Thai training with Marc for sometime now and the experience has been very enjoyable. When I started I knew nothing about the art of Muay Thai but thanks to Marc I believe I understand and improve on new and old techniques each week. Marc is a patient trainer but still pushes you to succeed at all aspects of his programme whether its fitness related or skill related. 

Since I have been training with Marc I have seen a dramatic increase in my cardio fitness levels and my core strength, which has made a huge impact on my other sporting codes like Football. 

A good style of training Marc has is giving feedback when its needed, he does this straight away weather that be to improve my technique or compliment the execution. When training with Marc you get to adjust some techniques to how it suits your style and whichever comes natural. It is always a pleasant experience training with Marc even the harder sessions he makes the environment a friendly one so you can work to your best and don’t feel uncomfortable. 

Thanks for training me Marc. 

Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Brent Dawson

Muay Thai has become somewhat of a family affair with me, my wife and 2 daughters all training with Marc. It has become so addictive for us that it is part of regular conversation, and household antics! 

I was getting bored with regular gym work. My results were demotivating and felt that a change was needed. My wife suggested I try Muay Thai, as she had been training with Marc for a couple of months. I tried it and was hooked. This has to be the best training decision I have EVER made. The training is challenging yet rewarding. Things that I never thought I physically was capable of are now easy. The results are transformational and therefore become a source of inspiration. 

Marc as a trainer is awesome. He gives a massive amount of motivation and energy to his ever changing workouts. No workout is ever the same aside from the intensity (which is always a step up). Every session you walk away knowing that you have given an honest effort. 

With 2 daughters training under Marc's guise, I have the comfort in knowing that my girls are learning “real” self defence skills as well as discipline. 

Get in there and have a go. There is no way you will regret it! 

Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Jay Law

If you are interested in learning the Art of Muay Thai, whether it be for getting in shape or possibly competing, this is the person you have to go to. Marc is an awesome guy, easy going and friendly and one hell of a trainer, what I learnt in 2 sessions have improved my technique drastically. 

What I learnt here with Marc in a month are stuff I haven't even heard of when I was training at a local Hamilton club all year round. From the moment you walk through the doors you will feel very welcome. Ego is non-existent and Marc is more than willing to help you. You will leave every training session knowing you just had the greatest work out and releases stress. 

Before I even compete in the ring, I will definitely go to Marc as the main person for advice. He will teach you everything you need to learn about Muay thai and he also incorporates it with other martial arts to make it more effective. This is someone that I highly recommend to go to if you're interested in taking up this sport.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Siona Fa

I met Marc through a mate of mine at one of our island feasts and my first impression of him was that he seemed like a really cool guy. The “boys” decided sometime thereafter to have a game of poker at Marc’s place on a Sunday and before we knew it, Sunday poker became an addiction; and it still is. Marc is now a very close mate of mine so I will try to provide an unbiased yet objective view of him in terms of his training regime. 

I was somewhat of a sporty freak, however, the stresses of law school and work soon got the better of me and after a couple of years of ‘not having the time to go training’, what was once a body that I was quite proud of soon ballooned into an obese-like frame. I found out at one of our poker sessions that Marc was a personal trainer and so I approached him for some help and he soon got me into Muay Thai. After the first session wherein Marc assessed my fitness levels, I could tell from his face that he knew that I required a lot of work. After about 5 months of cursing him in every training session because it seemed as though he enjoyed causing me pain and suffering, I can now honestly say that he is the “man”, as not only has he been able to help improve my overall physical appearance, he has also made me appreciate the importance of my overall health and well-being.

What has really impressed me is Marc’s creative and innovative, yet effective methods of training. When I say innovative, I mean it in every sense of the word. I have wondered at times how he dreams up these different types of exercises and training methods but based on what I have seen and tried, I can honestly vouch for their effectiveness. Sometimes the amusement of such creative methods actually help reduce the pain and exhaustion of doing the training.

Overall, I give “thumbs up” to Marc’s training antics and for those of you reading this, you just have to give Marc a go to really appreciate what I am talking about.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing Fat Loss Muscle Gain

Marlies Schwartfeger

I have been training for the past year with Marc, he has been very supportive always going above and beyond to help me out with my weight lose goals. After leaving school I found it hard to incorporate exercise into my busy working week. Taking up Muay Thai has really given me that extra boost and confidence I was looking for.

Marc’s encouragement and continued support has really pushed me to keep going. Each training session I look forward to his handy tips on diet and exercise....and even though I always remember them, putting them into practise is not always so easy. 

Marc’s love of Martial Arts and helping others always shows through in his teaching techniques, there is always a friendly atmosphere at training and I look forward to the new challenges he is continually setting for me.

Having a personal trainer is really motivating, Marc’s patience and understanding always makes me want to improve with each session. I have no plans on quitting and am looking forward to the many more positive steps I am taking and goals that Marc is helping me achieve.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Steven Morgan

Since giving up rugby I turned into a bit of a couch potato, putting on extra weight and being extremely unfit. 

I knew I had to do something that's when I met Marc. He has extensive knowledge in Muay Thai, Nutrition and Fitness. He has excellent training sessions that are well planned, individualized and extremely fun. Each session is different and being one on one you learn a lot faster and Marc perfects each technique before moving onto another not like being in a full class and getting over looked.

I have been training for 6 months. Lost weight, have increased energy and with the added bonus of being able to protect myself. Even considering entering my 1st tournament.

I recommend taking up the free introductory lesson it will change your life I guarantee.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Jordan Warren & Shaun Tuffery

When a mate asked me if I was keen to tag along with him to try out this 'new' Muay Thai kickboxing training, I jumped at the chance! So far I haven't looked back...

Having known Marc a few years now, little did I know about his expertise in the martial art of Muay Thai, as well as his extensive knowledge in Fitness and Nutrition.

In the 5 or so months I've been training with Marc I've noticed an increase in hand eye co-ordination, conditioning, explosive speed, training intensity, endurance, recovery speed and my level of fitness which paid dividends for my Army selection process and also carried over with me playing Premier Rugby.

It's not only the fact that the training is great and an effective workout, it's also the Trainer that makes it great. Marc as a trainer is superb. His way of conveying technique and execution is second to none. Training's are regularly changed and kept interesting to keep me from 'plateauing,' a point everybody usually reaches at one stage or another.

Put simply; King of the Ring Martial Arts with Marc Lee "does the business."

So if you were looking for a reason to take up the great free introductory offer then what are you waiting for!? Get in and get amongst it, you won't regret it :)

Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Shaun Tuffery

I’ve always loved all martial arts but have never tried taking one up. As soon as I saw Marc’s poster in a shop window I new this was for me. 

I wanted to just start off and see what it was like and see if it was actually what I was looking for. After having the first couple lessons I really enjoyed it and knew I was keen to keep at it. 

I thought I was fit and it couldn’t have been to hard but it was definitely a good challenge pushing me towards my goals. The fitness was on a complete different level. The results were real good. My fitness, strength and flexibility improved so much and I got toned into good shape for summer. Just what I wanted. From been a complete beginner with no fight experience I am now more self confident knowing I can protect myself now than before.

If you're considering it then I definitely would recommend Marc and his experience in Martial Arts training to anybody. Weather its for fitness, toning, to make you more self confident in self defence or to get stronger and better for other sport, or even just doing it for fun.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Ryan Jess

This is by far the best training I have ever taken part in. It is really increasing my strength, fitness and skill levels. Marc is a great teacher, very patient, informative and highly motivational. I would recommend his classes to anyone.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Angela Atkocaitis and son Nathan

Having never considered myself to be particularly fit or coordinated, I would never have seen myself training in muay thai kickboxing. I decided to try a class that was running at my gym, and have loved it! Marc’s passion for fitness and sharing his knowledge is infectious, making each class really fun. He pushes everyone to give their best effort, so you know that you will leave feeling as though you have worked as hard as you can. I now train with Marc twice per week and really look forward to it. I would recommend training with Marc to anyone regardless of their fitness or ability. 

I began taking my 7 year old son Nathan to Marc after training with him myself. Nathan had been attending Karate classes for 3 months, and was already becoming bored. As he was one of 20 in the class, I could see he was not getting the individual attention he needed to learn. He has been training in Muay Thai with Marc for several months now and has significantly improved his fitness and coordination. His school work and behaviour have improved, and he has gained a sense of pride and self confidence. This is all on top of finding a sport that he loves.

Matarena Pearce

I started training with Marc 3 months ago. Prior to this I had low confidence and my fitness level was not very impressive, nor was my figure :p.

Although I have always had a passion for Muay Thai, I had always had a very pessimistic outlook on my abilities to one day get into the ring. 

When I came across Marc's website I was instantly excited and very nervous. I signed up for the free introductory lesson and have since not looked back to my way of life before joining King of the Ring. 

Marc has not only taught me so much about the the Martial Arts but has also been somewhat of a life coach for me. He has given me the key to my confidence and always gives advice that benefits me not only physically but mentally. 

Because Marc offers one on one training that caters to each individuals needs, I have never felt out of place or that I may be 'lacking' compared to group sessions.

There is no such thing as 'ego' when training with Marc. In addition to this, I learn more in less time because I get all of his attention hehe. 

Marc offers a fun, very friendly and turbo charged (just to name a few) teaching style. I always leave feeling on top of the world and blasting with energy. 

For people wanting to lose weight and get fit, get into the ring or simply work on their confidence, Marc offers the full package. He has definitely made that difference in my life that I needed. I now know that 'I CAN DO IT AND I WILL!!' 

I could easily go on and on about the benefits of training with Marc because they are truly endless but I highly recommend that you sign up for that free introductory lesson and see it..feel it for yourself, no matter where you come from, what size or shape you are, what level of fitness or experience you have, Marc offers an experience that is truly life changing.

Thanks for everything Marc, see you at training :) 

Jared Turton

To whom it may concern,

I started training with Marc a few months back, taking advantage of the free trial lesson. Since that time, the results speak for themselves. I have dramatically improved my fitness and conditioning, and also learned a wide range of combos, techniques and defense which has really improved my confidence in my ability for when I finally step in the ring this year. The things I like about training with Marc are; that it is a friendly and welcoming environment, that no two lessons are the same: there is always plenty of variety.

Marc is extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions and give advice on training and nutrition which is very useful and I guarantee you will have one hell of a workout! During training with Marc he has shown me techniques that few trainers teach or even know of which will give me a clear advantage over my opponents and gives me extreme confidence in my own ability.

If you are looking to fight in the ring or get fighting fit then this is the man you have to come and see, trust me you will not regret it!

Mesh Jogia

Before I started my training with Marc I was playing cricket for a local cricket team. The amount of exercise I was getting from this was pretty minimal. At this stage I was definitely over weight and I could feel and see it in myself. One of my friends had told me about Marc’s one on one sessions of Muay Thai, and I was quick to catch on. For me personally there are three main reasons why I started Muay Thai:


Firstly its one on one or you can have it with a fellow friend who is interested. I have attended group sessions before and they are not the same. With one on one session you don’t feel discouraged by other peoples skills. 


One of the most important aspects for me was I got into shape really fast! Within 3 months I had lost 17KG. Not only was I having sessions with Marc but he also made me a tailor made fitness and diet program, which was very easy to follow and understand. The diet program was the most important aspect of my fitness program. Marc had made a diet program, which was specific to my needs. What was also a bonus was that he had also explained why I should eat such foods and why they are good for me in regards to getting into shape. 

The most important reason why I enjoyed the training was that not only did it get me into shape, but I was also feeling mentally fit! It’s hard to describe but from only a few weeks of training, mentally I was feeling more energetic. I was a university student at the time and I could truly concentrate and absorb information more clearly from the training sessions. 

If I could advise anyone, no matter age, occupation or fitness, Marc’s training is a must. Not only will it make you physically fit but also mentally fit too. Probably the best way to describe it, it is surely was a life changing experience for me. 

Paul Singh

I have been training with Marc for a sometime now and do not regret the decision in taking up the one on one training sessions with him. The results both physically and mentally have been great, especially after 10 years of not doing any form of exercise. My fitness levels are a hundred times better than they were.


I work in a high stress environment, the martial arts has given me an outlet for the built up stress, resulting in a more relaxed me. The thing I particularly like about Marc is that he works with you to help achieve your goals. He is not judgemental or pretentious. He just wants to see you succeed in reaching your goals.


Marc continually pushes you to your limits and beyond, just when you think its getting easy he introduces something new to push you that little bit further. Like all fitness programs this is a journey that you have to decide for you self to take up and commit too. the difference here is that Marc provides you with the tools and helps motivate you to make the changes.


I have no hesitation in recommending Marc as a trainer regardless of what your fitness levels are.

Darrell Raymond

I have been training with Marc for a couple of months now and I have never regretted a single moment of it.


I have been trying to lose weight for a long time, tried all the tricks in the book, took whatever supplements and pills I could think of and joined the gym but didn't see any changes to my weight or the way I looked. I heard about Marc's Muay Thai training from the gym so decided to check it out. I did a little bit of research but wasn't for sure if this would be it.


My first training with Marc got me hooked with Muay Thai. Not only did I lose heaps of weight within the first couple of weeks, but also I started gaining confidence and saw a huge difference to my fitness level.


Training with Marc has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only does he give me the correct guidance, but also encouraged me and moved at my pace. I would recommend training with Marc to anyone who is struggling to lose weight or gaining confidence with self defence.


Don't take my word or it, train with him for just a session and see the amount of sweat you break. I am looking forward to furthering my training with Marc and fulfilling my fitness and Muay Thai goals.

Warrior Sports Strength

Sosene Anesi

One of the 'boyz' who helped me get King of the Ring started with photos for the website, advertising and getting my service into the marketplace. Thanks Uso!

Women's Self Defese

Camille Barlow

My first student and sister from another mother :) The one responsible for pushing me to start training others. Thanks Champ!

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Warrior Bikini Body
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