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Warrior Strength & Conditioning

Do You Want To Build Explosive Power, Strength Of An Ox and Shredded Functional Muscle?


You’re about to discover a powerful athletic-muscle building system.

Let’s face it; traditional bodybuilding and strength training methods have failed us all countless times before.

Like you, I’ve wasted numerous hours with ineffective training systems that never did a thing to help me build muscle or improve my athleticism in the least.

But after many years of trial and error I have developed a system that actually helps you gain strength, build muscle, burn fat and improve your overall performance… at the same time!

Nobody wants to be a big, bloated, unathletic, injury prone professional bodybuilder.

Every guy I know would much rather possess the physique of a jacked UFC fighter, any day. 

That’s the look that everyone’s after.

Warrior Strength & Conditioning, Flagstaff, Hamilton

But the look itself isn’t enough. You actually need to be able to walk the walk.

That means that not only do you possess a jacked, athletic physique but you’re also brutally strong, explosively fast and have unrelenting endurance.


That’s what separates you from the pumpers, posers and pretty boys who possess ZERO real-world, functional strength and couldn’t out run or out jump their grandmothers.

Trying to transform average guys and weekend warriors (who don't have limitless time and the super-human genetics of professional athletes) into jacked, athletic freaks in the shortest time possible.

Through years of trial and error I’ve finally come up with the system that delivers:

Explosive Power Development
Extraordinary Muscle Growth
Extreme Strength Gains
Exponential Fat Loss
What Makes The Warrior Strength and Conditioning Program So Effective?

The secret behind these results is the way I use various rep ranges. While most programs only train one or two muscle fiber types, Warrior Strength and Conditioning actually targets all three, simultaneously.

By using my specific set and rep schemes in the precise order listed, you will awaken and fully stimulate even your most dormant, stubborn muscle fibers, forcing them to grow to their maximum potential.

I will also show you not one, not two, but THREE different ways of performing your reps that will dramatically enhance your rate of progress.

This three pronged assault results in the fastest gains in size and strength possible…

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