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Grappling Arts

Grappling Arts in Flagstaff, Hamilton
No Serious Martial Artist Can Be Without A Simple & Reliable System of Grappling Defenses

Anyone Serious About Winning a Real Fight Must Have Some Grappling Training

If you are like many people, you want to be able to take care of yourself should the need arise. But as numerous fights, police statistics, and common experience have all shown – like it or not…

“Many Real Fights End Up On the Ground.”

First simple fact to be learned: Taking care of yourself on the street means you gotta know how to take care of yourself on the floor. So whatever you want to call it: “grappling”, “submission wrestling”, “groundfighting” or whatever – BEING ABLE TO FIGHT ON THE GROUND IS SOMETHING YOU CANNOT BE WITHOUT! 

YOUR ARE TOTALLY SCREWING UP YOUR TRAINING if you don’t regularly practice how to get out of the various submission locks used in jiu jitsu, shooto, and other types of combative grappling.

Even if you are a striker and primarily a “stand up fighter” you are fooling yourself if you think you can get by without learning how to get out of various submission attacks.

Being ignorant about how to fight on the ground is simply not an option for anyone who is even halfway serious about fighting, self defense and martial arts.

Whether it is a lock, choke, or some kind of pin or hold down, it makes NO DIFFERENCE. I will show you the EASIEST ways for countering the most common grappling attacks.

What I Teach in This Program Will Enable You To Dominate On The Ground 
And Make You Capable of Outmanoeuvring, Outsmarting and Outgrappling 
The Typical “Punk Troublemaker” or “Streetfighter”

Knowing This Stuff Will Make You Feel Right at Home When A Fight “Hits the Floor“ 

Hopefully you will never have to defend yourself, but if you do and the fight goes to the ground (as they usually do) – your opponent will likely be flopping around like a “fish out of water” – unsure of what to do – while you remain focused and sharp as you stop him cold with a collar choke, footlock, armbar, or whatever else presents itself.

But let’s get something straight right now…

Who this program is NOT for:

Fancy MMA or BJJ “tournament” style players who want the latest fancy and complicated “spinning helicopter sweep” (in other words, stuff that will get you KILLED in a real fight).

Who this program IS for:

Anyone who wants to learn how to fight FOR REAL on the ground. Whether it be in an MMA cage or a back alley, this program will show you WHAT REALLY WORKS when faced with a big strong ox of a man who is bent on pulverizing your face.

Grappling Arts is a very broad term used by King of the Ring Martial Arts to categorise the closer range arts that are taught here. The grappling arts taught here are drawn from various sources, these being Jun Fan Grappling, Filipino Dumog, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, mixed in with Kino Mutai.

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