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Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Muay Thai Kick Boxing in Flagstaff, Hamilton
Authentic Muay Thai Kick Boxing In Hamilton!

The beginner phase class is for everyone, from beginners toexperienced people looking to build the basic fundamentals of Muay Thai kickboxing. This fun, fast tempo and very safe program focuses on building a solid foundation emphasizing stances, movement and explosive offensive power techniques. It will also build basic power with heavy emphasis on cardio-vascular conditioning, using strength and conditioning drills used to train world class fighters.

Check out just some of the great stuff you will learn in this program...

Muay Thai Fundamentals

Foundational stuff!

You will learn:

  • Fighting Stance

  • Footwork

  • Economy of Motion

  • Visual Focus Principles

  • The Fighting Measure

  • Ranges of Combat

  • Basic Attacks

  • Basic Defense

Mastering the Thai Clinch

The clinch is perhaps the most effective element of Muay Thai. You will learn how to control your opponent in a clinch and keep him from hurting you while you remain entirely free to come back with your own barrage of elbows and knees!

Numerous ways to grip and control your opponent. Anti-Clinch tactics and neck grab prevention and counters, and more..

Thai Pad Drills

Improve your techniques and challenge your body by training on the Thai pads. The Thai pads are the “meat and potatoes” of Muay Thai training.

This is where you will be honing your body into a weapon with fun drills that will leave you sweaty, exhausted, and on the road to having incredible stamina.

You will be put through tons of effective, and intense Thai pad drills involving offensive and defensive combinations guaranteed to get you into great shape!

Heavy Bag & Mitt Training Drills

You’ll learn some of the best fighting drills out there so you get get in top notch butt-kickin shape in the shortest amount of time possible.

Focus mitt training simulates real life fighting as close as possibly. You will go through drills that will take your punching, elbowing, & defensive skills to the next level!

Learn cool HEAVYBAG drills. Build technique, power, stamina and coordination from this carefully selected list of heavy bag drills.

Advance Muay Thai Training Program
  • Freestyle Thai Pads

  • Fakes and Setups

  • Sparring and Drills

  • Killer Combinations

  • Plus Much More...

This section is catered for the advanced Martial Artist who want to take their skill to the next level.

The advance training program is loaded with more advance training that builds on the first phase. This way, I can help people like you boost your striking skills to a more experienced level.

This advance training program contains all brand new training techniques covering critical areas of training to help you become a better fighter.

I build on the foundation of the beginner phase. The advance training phase assumes you already know how to execute proper techniques. What you will learn in the advance training phase is how more advanced Muay Thai fighters put that knowledge to use. Different drills on the pads, different combinations, sparring drills, how to fake out your opponent to set up your favorite technique, and much more.

Here are some things you will learn in this advance phase of Muay Thai training:

Advance Mitts

"The focus mitts are critical for educating the upper body's offensive & defensive skills"

To be an effective fighter, you need to be smooth in your punching, moving seamlessly back-and-forth from offense to defense with ease and finesse.

Nothing else teaches this better for the hands than the mitts! A good pad holder is hard to find and crucial for your training. I can help you get the most out of your training and accelerate your skills to an exception level.

Advance Thai Pads

"If you're not training with the Thai pads properly, you're not training Muay Thai."

Using the Thai pads is the foundation and "bread and butter" of all Muay Thai training. By training the fighter's technique, defense, movement, and conditioning all in one session, I can maximize your training time by squeezing every bit of benefit out of it.

But if your training partner does not know how to "feed" them, then this awesome training outlet is not going to work for you.

I can help you maximize your fighting skill with the experience I’ve accumulated over the years of training with Thai pads.

Fighting Tactics & Combinations

"Any fighter serious about improving their fighting ability should increase their pool of technique options"

Having a list of practiced, well-trained moves that you can execute smoothly, quickly and with precision makes you a very dangerous individual.

This Advance phase is designed to teach you certain tactics, strategies and combinations that have proven to be effective in real fighting situations.

The goal here is to increase your technical knowledge while at the same time encourage you to execute those moves naturally and with fluidity - so that they just "come out" without thinking about them.

Fakes and Setups

"A fighter has to be a good liar and hide his true intentions. If you don't know how to do this, you're stuck in predictability."

Fakes and setups can separate the men from the boys. A good fake can mean the difference between a technique that lands and ends the fight vs. a technique that is completely worthless.

Mastering even just a few pet fakes can make drastic differences in the effectiveness of your striking. 

With a good set of fakes under your belt, you can keep your opponent on edge, confused, and wondering how the heck you hit him!

Muay Thai Sparring

"Sparring is the essential area where you get away from theory and learn how to apply your moves for real."

This is the honest, no B.S. truth: if you don't spar you'll never be able to fight. Sparring is where you learn how to apply all the things you have practiced on the pads and with a partner.


But to get the most out of your sparring you need to know how to go about it. You need to know about the three important areas of sparring so that you can maximize your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and most of all - avoid injury.

I will show you step-by-step exactly what you need to know to spar safely and get the absolute most out of it!

Get the Stuff You Need to Blast Your Fighting Skills to the Advanced Level!

Education is crucial in our age. The person who gets ahead today, is the person who invests time and money into their education. This is every bit as true in the fighting arts. If you want to be better than the next guy, you have to train more and be better educated than the next guy.

Invest in your martial arts education.

If you are into Martial Arts, MMA, Muay Thai, Karate, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, etc., then this Advance training phase is what you will need to blast your fighting skills to the advance level!! 

Training in this Advance Training phase could be your ticket to tap into the fantastic fitness level, confidence,power, security and respect that comes from practicing the fantastic martial art of Muay Thai - the martial art that is widely recognized as one of the best fighting systems around.

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