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Women's Self Defense - Escape To Gain Safety

Women's Self Defense in Flagstaff, Hamilton
The 7 Deadly Questions You Should Ask Yourself!

  1. What would you do against a bigger stronger opponent who kicks, punches, and wrestles better than you and you have to fight?

  2. How would you handle an escaped convict from a maximum security prison who is about to assault you?

  3. How would you react if someone was attempting to abduct your child?

  4. A group of thugs with knives and sticks are about to swarm on you and your family, what would you do?

  5. You are grabbed and being dragged into an alley to be raped?

  6. You are enjoying a quiet evening at home...your door is kicked in and you find yourself in the midst of a home invasion....what do you do?

  7. How do you deal with losing your temper and composure under the super stress of a violent confrontation? (Stress Inoculation)

If you do not have an answer for all of these situations then you are at risk and at the mercy of what has been occurring all too often and is only getting worse. One only needs to watch the evening news to realize how dangerous life is becoming.

Here's your opportunity to learn the finest military fighting technology on the planet, the exact same hand to hand combat training developed exclusively for the U.S. Navy SEALS and over 18 government agencies. 

Escape to Gain Safety for Women is a special program designed to meet the self-protection needs of women, teenagers, and girls. Adapted and developed from the Navy SEAL system, this program will provide you, your sisters, your girlfriends, and your daughters with the skills and training to be aware, make intelligent decisions, and learn how to disengage from violent encounters in order to escape. This program are specially structured to empower you with the physical skills to protect yourself as well as empower you mentally and spiritually to face your fears and overcome them.

Self Defens for Women, Women Abuse Management, Women Empowerement,
"How you choose to answer the challenge will determine if you are among the survivors or a nameless, faceless, victim of a random violent act!"


Many women are discovering martial arts, not only as a means of self-defense but as a way to getting shape and stay fit, to gain self-confidence, and to have fun! The Escape To Gain Safety for Women program teaches you to fight effectively in all ranges of combat, including on the ground and with weapons. 

Many options exist for women who want this type of training. Whether your goal is to learn to protect yourself and your family, or to make the martial arts a part of your life. I can give you the tools you really need …after all, Jeet Kune Do was developed specifically for a smaller person to be able to survive an encounter with a larger, stronger attacker.

Beginners and “first timers” are welcome! Contact me today or send me an email and I’ll be happy to help get you started or answer any questions you may have.

Self Defens for Women, Women Abuse Management, Women Empowerement,

"I have been training with Marc for three and a half years now, and the change in me is huge. I used to be unconfident around men, but with the self-defense training, I have gained huge confidence in my ability to communicate well with others, including men. People have commented on the change in me.


For those with trauma in their past, this kind of training is very therapeutic and empowering. It has helped with my hand/eye coordination, and even my ability to operate under stress. It has also helped me with situations that previously would have been triggering due to my trauma. 


Marc is a very understanding and patient teacher, and we have often had some good talks, especially if something is bothering me. I have enjoyed learning these skills, and prefer it over going to the gym. I have some physical limitations, and Marc has been great in working around those limitations with me. He has always been positive in encouraging me in everything I do, and advising me wisely.


I recommend this training to all women, particularly those with abuse in their past, it will serve you well."

Julie Oliver

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